Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Kanban Series: Introduction

At my place of work we have been using a Kanban system in place of sprints for just over a year now to great effect.

I firmly believe as a direct result of moving to Kanban we are delivering a higher quality, more stable and just all round better product to our users.  We have pretty much eliminated the need for overtime and have a better work life balance.

I've also came to the conclusion that if you're looking to take the plunge in to agile project management practices then Kanban is a great place to start.  Also if you're struggling with your current process and have difficulty getting buy in, Kanban is worth a look.

I plan to write a series of post about why we stopped doing sprints, how we got started with Kanban, what benefits it's brought us and what's lacking.

The first post will be about why sprints were not working for us and the need to look for something different.

(Note that I said "something different" as I don't really have much against sprints it's just that they didn't work for us so we had change it.)

Resources worth reading

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